Listening or What is Left of It

A conversation needs two people. Duh. What we tend to forget that conversation also means people need to listen to each other. Invariably today when two people are talking, they are talking ‘at’ and not ‘with’ each other. Example: A: I watched Sanju (movie) and adored the performance of the actors. B: Did you know […]

The big sick

Image courtesy – Kumail’s Twitter account. The advantage of making a good movie is that it doesn’t need in-your-face promotion. People will talk about it even weeks and months after the release. I heard people talk about “The big sick” on twitter a couple of times. Then the other day I saw this tweet which […]

Meeting Arjun Reddy’s Grandmother

Photo credit: Greatandhra. Com I had always considered myself unlucky when it comes to meeting stars or celebrities at the airports or inside the flights. My friend who invariably meets someone every time she travels makes it look so easy. This for me wasn’t a goal but I wouldn’t complain if it happens to me. […]

Spoken word poetry – Beautiful 

Below is the transcript of my first solo spoken word performance I did in my company’s anniversary celebrations.  *—————————————————————-* No matter what the world wants to make you believe, your belief will be stranded in front of a mirror. The same mirror that grew with you in your adolescence, will show you, rather magnanimously, your […]

The End

On 21 May 2017 both EPL and IPL breathed their last. For the season. They will return to life after three months and 12 months respectively. For most, their tryst with sports ends. Until something else props up. The escape these high dose of entertaining tournaments provide remains unmatched. In few weeks time you might […]