Listening or What is Left of It

A conversation needs two people. Duh.

What we tend to forget that conversation also means people need to listen to each other.

Invariably today when two people are talking, they are talking ‘at’ and not ‘with’ each other.


A: I watched Sanju (movie) and adored the performance of the actors.

B: Did you know Sanju is an attempt to whitewash his tarnished image?

B is all of us at some point in our lives. B has not even acknowledged what A has said. B had a point related to the topic and blurted it out. He did not care that A said something and that point needs to respond to. This is the new normal. It doesn’t need to be.

I have had such conversations with lots of people in my professional and personal life. Unfortunately, I have ended up becoming B. I add a useless point in the conversation that has nothing to do with the conversation we are having.

Silence is not appreciated in a conversation at all. When someone is talking you need silence to grasp what the other person is trying to say. Instead, we are thinking of following our agenda. Making our point is more important than understanding the context, processing the information and then thoughtfully responding to it.

A: Shouts bla bla bla

B: blah blah blah

We had a great conversation.

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