If you think Olympics is sheer waste of time and money, think again.

While I was aimlessly switching between channels, I witnessed something fascinating in the marathon finals today.

Eliud Kipchoge aged 31 widely considered as one of the greatest marathon runners, did what he always wanted to do, become a Olympic champion. He won the gold medal by completing the second half of the marathon i.e. 21 KM in mere 63 minutes! He has won 7 of the 8 big marathons he has competed in!

Feyisa Lilesa came second and continued the rich tradition of Ethiopian runners winning big at the world stage. He made a cross hand gesture in the last stretch which looked like a normal victory sign but he was actually protesting against Ethopian government killing 400+ Oromo protestors. If he returns to his country, he might be jailed or at worst killed. Talk about being brave.

Galen Rupp from US came third and this is only his second marathon he participated in. He is only the third American to win a medal in the marathon event! Such is the dominance of Kenyan and Ethopian runners.

These are just three of them, there are numerous other Olympians who have equal If not more inspiring stories to tell. From a cancer surviving 54-old gold medal winner to a 4 feet 8 inch world beating gymnast, these athletes represent the unflinching determination, courage and sporting spirit that exemplifies the very nature of being a human.

Enough has been said about Deepa, Sakshi, and Sindhu and rightly so.

If you think Olympics is sheer waste of time and money, think again.


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